Be a Hero... and Bring a Friend

When we think of a superhero, what comes to mind?  A mask, a cape, a superhuman power…someone coming in to save the day for fellow mankind.

Aside from the mask and cape (but we can get you one if you want), you have all the power you need to be a hero to the citizens of this great region… and there is one day a year when we make it easy.  That is Amplify Austin Day.

Why Amplify Austin Day?  Well let me count the $35M ways.  For the past five years, our community has rallied around a single day to focus on the incredible needs and opportunities of this city and the organizations making change happen.

So what exactly does this Day do? Here is a fraction of what was accomplished in a mere 24hours last March. We collectively made a whole lot of small donations online that added up to the tune of $9.8M. That’s a big number, so let me break it down for you.  It means: 465 pets were saved, 235 new trees were planted along the hike and bike trail, 1.1M free meals were donated to feed local families in need, 5,000 backpacks full of nutritious food were given to kids to avoid weekend hunger, and 3,800+ swimming lessons were made possible for local children, and a whole lot more.  Get the picture?  You and me did this.  Not Batman, Superwoman or Ironman...WE did that in ONE day.

So what’s up for 2018?  We must come together more than ever.  When social services are increasing in demand and the opportunities facing our region are vast, the 700 organizations on need our super powers once again.  But this time don’t do it alone. We are asking you to not only give back yourself, but ask your family and friends to join this movement and donate alongside you. What about your co-workers? Ask them too - the ones you like and even the ones you don’t like so much.  Maybe donating together will reveal you have more in common than you think.   

So how much are we talking?  How about a cool $10M? We realize that raising 10 million dollars in one day is a very ambitious goal, but this community has growing needs and important opportunities ahead.  This is the one day a year we say, “I see you nonprofits. I hear your call.  You are doing big work.  And this community deserves it.”  We need you to take action and support these organizations with critical operational dollars for life-changing programs and services -- especially when this is needed the most.  And on this Day your dollar goes further… much further with matches, incentives and additional cash prizes available to nonprofits.

Are you sure?  We wholeheartedly believe that individuals and businesses will answer this call to give generously and come together on Amplify Austin Day to stand behind the local nonprofit organizations that make Central Texas sustainable and vibrant for all.  From food and basic needs to the arts and parks to caring for our children, families, pets and neighbors, I Live Here I Give Here implores Central Texas residents to make sure that these nonprofits are thriving for the benefit of EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US.

What’s next then?  Go on to and start picking your favorite causes and find a few new ones doing some pretty awesome work. And then I ask you to use your superpowers to inspire others to come along and give with our community on March 1st & 2nd.

If we don’t do it…who will?  We don’t need no stinkin’ capes… we got this!

-Celeste Flores, Executive Director, I Live Here I Give Here

Lindsay Muse