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Amplify Austin Day

Amplify Austin Day is our community's annual day of giving. The 24-hour period provides an easy and fun way for our entire community to give together while helping local nonprofits. Over the past six years, Amplify Austin has raised over $45M for hundreds of local organizations. Together we raised $10.3M for 700 Central Texas nonprofits in 2018. is an easy-to-use website that connects local donors with giving all year long.

Anyone can make a donation, set up monthly donations, or fundraise for a favorite cause at any time - whether it’s for a special event or a specific project. The site is the leading resource for companies, newcomers, and families when they are looking to connect to giving in Austin.

Amplify HQ at St. David's Foundation - Celeste Flores and Earl Maxwell

Who: I live here I give here

What: Amplify Austin Day

When: february 28 - march 1, 2019


Why: 24-hours for our entire community to give together while helping local nonprofits


The benefits of #AmplifyATX Participation

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Robust Profile 

Tell your story and turn your supporters into fundraisers

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New Donors 

39% of donors in 2017 reported their gifts as first-time donations

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media buzz 

More than $1,000,000 in
paid and earned media

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Stretch Fund 

Rewards all participating

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Prizes are awarded to nonprofits throughout the 24-hour period to encourage giving at various times



Amplify ATX

For Sponsors

Get Involved

We are seeking your support to help us amp up the giving in Central Texas and invite you to commit now to be a part of the excitement and success. Your financial contribution builds an incentive pool of funds for participating nonprofits and augments our efforts in this community.

Stretch Fund Sponsorships

The Amplify Austin “Stretch Fund” rewards all participating nonprofits. The larger the stretch fund the more incentive donors have to give. Donors give more when they know their dollars will go further on Amplify Austin Day.

Prize Sponsorships

Prizes are awarded to nonprofits throughout the 24-hour period to encourage giving at various times and awarded for leading the way throughout the campaign.


We welcome the opportunity to help you create a personalized sponsorship that best fits your needs should you wish to support the Stretch Fund for a specific issue area or personalized prize.

For more information on how you can support Amplify Austin as a sponsor:

A Special Thanks to Our Amplify Austin Day Supporters

Amplify ATX

For Nonprofits

are you a local nonprofit who Wants to Maximize Your Organization’s Amplify Austin Opportunity?

Ask us what you can do to get the most out of your Amplify experience year-round. You can submit any inquiries about to

Share the Love! is more than an opportunity for nonprofits to network and gain new donors. represents an opportunity for individuals to identify the nonprofits that mean the most to them and support the causes they believe in.

As an individual, you can spread the word about by partnering with us on social media. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and share the latest #AmplifyATX news with your social networks!

We were thrilled by the positive impact you had on the community during Amplify Austin Day. The hard work, energy and pure strength put into this day by everyone makes #AmplifyATX an event that truly galvanizes the community. You did this, and it is amazing.

Become an Fundraiser makes it possible for anyone to create a fundraising page at any time—whether it’s for a special event or a specific project. Whether you are an individual or a business, there are always important local causes that need your voice and support year-round.

On Amplify Austin Day 2017, 68 companies became “Business Fundraisers,” by encouraging, and in some cases, incentivizing their employees to give back to the community where they live, work and play. Together, they raised a total of $713,113.

Additionally, 2458 individuals raised more than $1.9M, showing their passion for local nonprofits by creating their own, unique and personalized Amplify Austin fundraiser pages!

For more information on how to become an fundraiser:

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For more information on becoming an
I Live Here I Give Here nonprofit partner:


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