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About I Live Here I Give Here:

I Live Here I Give Here’s mission is to cultivate the power of giving back. We strive to meet our community’s needs by ensuring that the culture of giving back is embraced and celebrated throughout our region. We accomplish this through a unique set of products and services designed to meet every Central Texan exactly where they are with a special focus on new and emerging donors. We do so through integrated and effective tools with proven impact, like AmplifyATX.Org and Amplify Austin Day.

AmplifyATX.org strives to meet the needs of our community by providing an easy-to-use digital marketplace that connects local donors with Austin area nonprofits all year long. We inspire the people of Austin and their neighbors to make a difference in their community by connecting them with the causes they’re passionate about on one easy-to-use platform where they can donate to charities in their neighborhood.

Over the past five years, Amplify Austin Day has raised over $35M for hundreds of local organizations. Together we raised $9.8M for 700 Central Texas nonprofits in 2017. Beyond Amplify Austin, I Live Here I Give Here offers a variety of unique programs all designed to make giving back accessible to all Central Texans.  I Live Here I Give Here was established in 2007.

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