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Amplify Austin Ambassador Party!


Ambassadors are community leaders who agree to share our message with their family, friends, and networks from 7pm on March 4 to 7pm on March 5. Ambassadors will also use our easy online fundraising tool to boost donations to the their favorite nonprofit of choice. This event is to celebrate our...

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Auction Madness!

Full disclosure: I have a love/hate relationship with silent auctions. I’ve headed up 5 auctions in my Non-Profit career, and anyone who has ever organized one knows what I mean. They require a ton of hard work and impeccable organization skills, but in the end, it's worth every minute invested. There are the exciting...

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Help Us Give Away Money!

I cannot believe a year has gone by. Voting is open for the Big Give -- already! As events go, the Big Give is... well... BIG. And the work we put in behind the scenes is no different. From the moment we close the books on one year's celebration, we start planning the next. We...

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New Beginnings

It's the beginning of a new era here at I Live Here, I Give Here as we bid farewell to our friend and co-worker, Mackenzie Martin.  She has been an asset that we could count on since our humble beginnings.  She's been a fabulous co-worker, a joy to work with every day, and a great...

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