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Family Centered Care

0005-SAustin-PCC-LG-8718Family services are integral to creating a healthy and sustainable community. 41% of Travis County Children live in low-income families and 62% of children in single parent headed families are low-income, according to American Community Survey data. These families are struggling to get the holistic care...
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Keeping Austin No-Kill

Due to the collaborative effort from nonprofit organizations, the city, and the community at large, almost 30,000 pets have been saved since Austin became no kill in 2011. Austin is the largest no kill city in the United States and in February 2016 we will be celebrating five years as a no kill city. As...
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Healthy Food Choices

Since 2009, Austin has ranked among the top twenty healthiest cities in the United States. In spite of that ranking, almost one quarter of adults in Travis County are obese and over one quarter of Travis County children live in a food insecure household; numbers that have been growing since 2013. According to a recent Gallup...
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