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Why Amplify Austin?

Why Amplify Austin Day? I can give you 24.7 million reasons why this online movement is important to our Central Texas region. We all know the many challenges our growing area faces. We also know the things we love the most about our city – those things that put us at the top...
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Family Giving: Fundraise Together!

The world our kids are growing up in is not the same one we remember when we were their age. There are self-driving cars, hours of cat YouTube videos, and multiple tablets in every home. Even the way we interact with philanthropy and charity is changing. In the past year, online donations increased by 13%...
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UFCU: A Leader in our Community

UFCU’s history is deeply rooted in this community and has been a supported of our mission since the first Amplify Austin Day in 2013. I Live Here, I Give Here is local and homegrown as well and our partnership has deeply impacted Central Texas over the past four years. UFCU is passionate about improving the lives of...

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