Shiny New Website

This is such an exciting time for us at I Live Here, I Give Here! We’ve experienced tons of progress and change in these last several months. Everything is shiny and new – especially, as I’m sure you’ve noticed by now if you made it to this page, our braaaaaaand new website! We’ve been diligently...

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All Those Philanthropists, Doing All That Philanthropy

Philanthropist. Just look at the word. Looks fancy. Just picture it… ball gowns, clinking cocktails, diamonds, furs, hobnobbing, chit-chatting, schmoozing, old money, family secrets, billowing cigars, bellowing laughter, big names on big buildings, more diamonds, private jets, chauffeurs, white haired men posing for pictures with oversized checks, golf tournaments and galas, men in tails, trophy...

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