Family Giving: Fundraise Together!

The world our kids are growing up in is not the same one we remember when we were their age. There are self-driving cars, hours of cat YouTube videos, and multiple tablets in every home. Even the way we interact with philanthropy and charity is changing. In the past year, online donations increased by 13% and online giving movements like Giving Tuesday and Amplify Austin Day are providing a space for donors to make gifts easily to an expansive range of needs in our communities.

Nearly 1/3 of all online donations are made from peer-to-peer fundraising in which individuals reach out to their networks on social media, through email, over the phone and ask their friends and family to consider giving to their cause. To meet this need, AmplifyATX.Org provides a space for individuals or groups to create their own fundraising pages where they can receive direct donations to the nonprofit of their choice. We’ve made it easier than ever to find your cause, fundraise for your favorite nonprofit, and share your story online. On Amplify Austin Day last year, 2,831 Individual Fundraisers made over $1.8 Million in just one day of online giving.

What does this mean for you and your family? It means that there is a whole new way to engage your family in the community, to bring your family together and to instill your children with important values and priorities.

Reasons to making giving a lifestyle in your home:

  • Giving and volunteering helps build a child’s confidence and sense of self-satisfaction.  They feel good about being able to help others.
  • Research shows that adults who were introduced to philanthropy as children are far more likely to volunteer and give as adults as those who did not.  They also donate a larger percentage of their income as adults.
  • Volunteering provides the opportunity for children to interact with people of a variety of different cultures, lifestyles and income levels, which helps to breakdown stereotypes and foster greater acceptance and understanding of others.
  • Giving back feels good, and lets kids know that they can make a difference. Kids’ involvement in service to others brings out their sense of self worth, giving them the understanding that they have something to contribute to society.
  • Giving together can unite your family across years, geographic locations and life circumstances.
  • When you give together, your children have the opportunity to work and make decisions as a part of a team.
  • On AmplifyATX.Org, kids can explore nonprofits and develop their own values as they learn about the world around them.
  • Learning about philanthropy teaches children how to manage money and understand how spending, saving and giving function together.
  • The process of finding their cause will develop critical thinking, listening and communication skills.

Okay, okay we get it – what’s next?

  1. Start the conversation at the dinner table:
  1. Read books together that encourage giving back to the community:
  1. Fundraise together! Use AmplifyATX.Org to make philanthropy a family pillar in your home:

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